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Stephanie Adams

College Station, TX, USA
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5 years ago
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Life Is Worth Living Because...
“Every one of us has a purpose and a reason for being here”
My Story
“The most important thing I want people to know about me is that I do not view anyone pursuing therapy as a failure or lacking as a person. I view therapy as a collaborative process in which the client is just as important as the therapist! When you are having car troubles, you go to a mechanic. Seeking a trained therapist for life troubles is no different!
I graduated with my M.A. in Counseling from Dallas Baptist University and Oklahoma Baptist University with a B.A. in Family Psychology before that. I completed my 3,000 hours of supervised practice required for licensure at the Family Counseling Center in Fort Worth, TX.
In addition to my work counseling, I also have created a marriage education course called the Premarital Power Seminar. I also mentor new counselors at, blog for the American Counseling Association, and have written a book, The beginning Counselor's Survival Guide.”
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Stephanie Adams's Most Recent Activity on Choose Help

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    08:26 - Sep 10, 2012 Depression From Dealing With Cancer

    Hello Stephanie, I've been diagnosed and treated for prostate cancer which is now recurring at an extremely aggressive rate. The Dr. (Yes, I understand this is a statistical number) indicates that I have between 2-5 years, but then later indicated ...

  • 2
    09:00 - Aug 14, 2012 Problems Telling Parents You're Depressed

    How do I tell my parents that I'm depressed..? Every time I've tried to tel them before, they just tell me that I'm lying and that all teenagers go through this. I've been told that I'm not worth helping, by my then-therapists, when I was only ...

  • 3
    11:10 - Jul 23, 2012 Cure for Workaholism

    What's the cure for workaholism. I am fed up with my husband and his always being at the office. We have had lots of fights about it in the past but last night I really got angry and I asked for a divorce. My husband was shocked and he swore he ...

  • 4
    09:34 - Jul 18, 2012 Can Tequila Make Your Boyfriend Violent?

    My boyfriend is a good guy with a good job but sometimes he drinks too much and he has a bad reputation around town as a guy who fights. But he has never been violent with me before and he said that he would never hit a woman. Last night he and ...

  • 5
    07:12 - Jul 03, 2012 Is My Wife a Hypochondriac?

    Everyday there is something wrong with my wife. There is always some sickness of injury that needs special attention. I am not saying she is totally faking it but it is not really believable how often she gets sick or how she can oscillate from ...

  • 6
    07:02 - Jul 03, 2012 Can Counseling Help a Pessimist?

    Can counseling help a person who has a very gloomy outlook on life become a bit more optimistic? My wife is always looking at the dark side of things and this puts her into a bad mood a lot of the time, and many times it ends up being for no reason.

  • 7
    12:25 - May 08, 2012 Does Psychoanalysis Work For Anxiety & Depression?

    Does psychoanalysis (the Freudian method) work at all for depression and anxiety? I think that I have been anxious and depressed since I was a young adolescent and so I think that the cause of my present day mental illnesses is likely buried ...

  • 8
    02:47 - Apr 17, 2012 Appropriate To Give Money To Homeless People?

    Should I give money to homeless people on the street? I often do but then I wonder if I am just enabling their addictions.

  • 9
    02:33 - Apr 17, 2012 How Long After Marijuana Use Is It Safe To Drive?

    How long does it take after a person smokes marijuana before they can drive safely again? My husband goes over to our neighbor’s house all the time to smoke with his friends and then like an hour later he will be back and ready to drive me and the ...

  • 10
    01:32 - Mar 13, 2012 Free Depression Resources

    I am depressed and have anxiety and I am unemployed and living with friends. I have no money for any kind of therapy or even for medication but I can’t get work because on most days I can’t even get myself to leave the bedroom. How can someone with ...

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