N.J. Governor Christie Calls War on Drugs a Well Intentioned Failure
© Thomas Hawk

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie calls the drug war a failure and uses a pro-life argument to call for treatment instead of jail. Full Story

War on Drugs
‘War on Drugs’ Quickens Spread of HIV © Franco Folini

The Global Commission on Drug Policy says war on drugs style policies fuel the spread of HIV. The GCDP is a think tank comprised of 6 former world leaders, a former Canadian Supreme Court Justice, British entrepreneur Richard Branson and other notables.

Drug Policy
Drug Czar: US to Dump Laws that Hinder Recovery © Thomas Hawk

In a speech at The Betty Ford Center, US Drug Car Gil Kerlikowske called for an end to laws and statutes that continue to punish people already striving for recovery.

Criminal Justice System
Cameron Douglas: Doctors Protest Jail Term © Casey Serin

Addiction doctors say that it’s not fair to imprison people for the actions of addiction, not provide adequate addiction treatment and then continue to penalize for drug use and possession.

Medicare Now Covers Alcohol Counseling © Big Grey Mare

Medicare will extend coverage, at no additional cost, to provide screening services for depression and for alcohol abuse disorders and to provide behavioral counseling to Seniors with alcohol abuse problems.

Americans with Disabilities Act
Trucking Company Sued for Firing Alcoholic © Kenfagerdotcom

Old Dominion Freight Line in Arkansas is facing a federal lawsuit for violating the disability act rights of a driver they fired for being an alcoholic (the driver had never violated the company’s alcohol policies).

Drug Testing
Only 2% Fail Florida Welfare Drug Tests © Heanster

Although Governor Rick Scott had claimed that cancelling benefit payments to drug users on welfare would more than pay for the cost of the testing program – it looks like he was wrong.

Harm Reduction
Vancouver Will Supply Crack Pipes to Users © J o rdan

Crack users in Vancouver will soon have access to new free crack pipes, courtesy of Vancouver Coastal Health which will hand out the crack pipes to those that want them in Vancouver’s notoriously drug plagued Lower Eastside neighborhood.

War on Drugs
NAACP Slams Drug War © John Steven Fernandez

On Tuesday, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) passed a strong resolution that calls for an end to the 40 year long war on drugs, citing grossly imbalanced application of drug laws on the African American community and the war’s total ineffectiveness as compelling reasons for a change.

New Crack Laws: 12,000 Released Early © Thomas Hawk

Changes to sentencing laws will effect 1 in 17 inmates in the entire federal corrections system.

In Ct. Real pot Is Legal, Fake Pot Isn't © Smokershighlife

In Connecticut, getting caught with up to a half ounce of real marijuana will get you no more than a ticket and a small fine. Getting caught with ‘legal-high’ fake marijuana type drugs or salvia divinorum, however, could land you in jail!

War on Drugs
Global Commission on Drug Policy Report Calls Drug War a Failure © Impossible Queens

A consortium of past and present world leaders and other influential figures call the drug war a total failure and say it’s time for the US to stop treating drug users like criminals and to open up to debate about other ways to handle the drug problem.

Marijuana Laws
Pot Dealer Gets Life in Prison © Casey Serin

Small time Louisiana pot dealer gets life for 3rd marijuana arrest.

Banned Beverage
Alcoholic Energy Drink to Fuel Cars © rafaelmarquez

The controversial drink Four Loko, is hitting store shelves with a new formula that keeps the high alcohol content but gets rid of the caffeine. As the new legal formula, which is caffeine-free, begins to stock up on store shelves, the old formula is being converted to fuel for consumption by automobiles.

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Drug Czar: US to Dump Laws that Hinder Recovery
US Drug Czar Calls for an End to Laws That Punish People in Recovery © Thomas Hawk
In a speech at The Betty Ford Center, US Drug Car Gil Kerlikowske called for an end to laws and statutes that continue to punish people already striving for recovery. Read Article
Policy and Legislation June 11, 2012
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