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Improve Mental Health with Beneficial Gut Bacteria
Gut Bacteria Influence Your Mental Health. Learn How to Protect Your Microbiome © NIAID
Imbalanced gut bacteria may increase your risk of anxiety, depression, obesity and a host of other diseases. Learn how digestive bacteria can cause anxiety and find out how dietary changes can help you instill or protect an optimal balance of beneficial bacteria. Read Article
Co-Occurring Disorders September 04, 2013
Childhood Obesity - Encourage Weight Loss
Childhood Obesity - How Parents Can Safely Encourage Weight Loss © Max Roeleveld
Obese kids should be encouraged to lose weight for greater physical and often mental health. Learn how to encourage weight loss, without increasing the risk of an eating disorder. Read Article
Eating Disorders March 06, 2008
Bulimia – 10 Guidelines for Treatment
10 Step Treatment Guide for Bulimia Nervosa © Noukka Signe
Are you struggling with bulimia? Read on to learn what treatments you need and what you don’t in this 10 step guide to overcoming this damaging eating disorder Read Article
Eating Disorders December 16, 2011
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