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  1. Linda Richardson
    Linda Richardson - MA, NCC, LPC, CCH, DCC
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    Fear of Commitment answered 2 years ago
  2. Mark Zangara
    Mark Zangara - M.A., LPC
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Puppy Love - Will a Pet Help Your Recovery?
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Pets offer an anchor of unconditional love and helpful routine, but they're also a big responsibility. Would a dog or other pet help you stay clean and sober? Read Article
Addiction Recovery October 01, 2014
How Much Fear Is too Much; How Much Is too Little?
by Emi Whittle - MEd, LPC, LPC-S, NCC, Counselor/Therapist
Fear can keep us safe; but fear can also keep us too safe. Too little fear may cause too much loss. So what's the difference? How can we tell if we have too much fear or too little? Read Article
Counseling September 01, 2014
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