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Too Smart for the 12 Steps? Why Showing Up Matters
by Jim LaPierre - LCSW, CCS, Clinical Social Work/Therapist
There's an expression in AA that we've never met anyone too dumb to get this program but we have met people too smart to get it. Early recovery is a difficult time and we find that we must keep it simple if we are to find our way to a better life. Read Article
Alcoholism September 05, 2014 (1)
How Much Fear Is too Much; How Much Is too Little?
by Emi Whittle - MEd, LPC, LPC-S, NCC, Counselor/Therapist
Fear can keep us safe; but fear can also keep us too safe. Too little fear may cause too much loss. So what's the difference? How can we tell if we have too much fear or too little? Read Article
Counseling September 01, 2014
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