It’s Hip to Be Sober

A mindful sober subculture is emerging, indicating that we’re seeking out deeper, more meaningful connections to others. Full Story

Mental Health
Spirituality without Religion Ups Addiction Risk © Alice Popkorn

Researchers say that people who navigate spirituality without religion are more likely to have addiction and mental health problems.

Health Care
People Won’t Pay as Much to Prevent Mental Illness © White Ribbons

Even though people say mental illness would have a greater impact on quality of life, they’re not nearly as willing to pay to prevent it as they are to prevent physical illnesses.

Needle Exchanges Reduce HIV Rates © Striatic

The CDC says the HIV infection rate among injection drug users has been reduced by half over the last 20 years. Health experts credit an increase in needle exchange programs for the reduction.

Native American Alcoholism
Sioux Tribe Sues Beer Makers © Nebarnix

Community elders say beer makers selling 4.9 million cans of beer to a town of 11 people right next to their reservation are complicit in an illegal smuggling operation into their dry community.

Legal Minimum Drinking Age
Legal Teen Drinking Ups Suicides and Murders © focus photography jersey

Need more evidence for the sensibility of a mature minimum drinking age (21)? Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis say that women who grew up in states with lower legal minimum drinking ages were significantly more likely to fall victim to homicide or suicide over a lifetime.

Life Expectancy
1 Hour of TV Cuts 22 Minutes from Lifespan © Sabino

OK, so we all know that spending a lot of time each day staring at a TV set is hardly conducive to excellent health, but just how bad is that couch potato lifestyle when it comes to affecting life expectancy?

Understanding Religion and Happiness © Stuck in Customs

Researchers say that in societies of scarcity, religious people are happier than non religious people, but that in societies of abundance, religious and non religious people are about equally happy.

Health Care
Study Says Black Men Live Longer in Prison © Christing-O-

Due to better health care in prison, reduced violent crime and less access to drugs and alcohol, a Black man in America is about half as likely to die while incarcerated as he is while free. This disturbing truth that was unearthed by researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill during a decade long study of inmates in the North Carolina criminal justice system.

Overweight Americans
Obesity on the Rise Says Report © Kyle May

Some disturbing facts from a report from Trust for America’s Health, entitled ‘F as in Fat’ include that two thirds of American adults are now overweight and that 20 years ago, not a single state had an obesity rate above 15% - now every state does.

Insite Safe Injection Clinic
Safe Injection Clinic Saves Lives © Andrew.Stichbury

Researchers say that North America’s only safe injection facility, Vancouver’s Insite safe injection clinic, is responsible for reducing overdose deaths by 35% in one of Canada’s most addiction plagued neighborhoods.

Suboxone Dissolved onto Coloring Books to Fool Prison Authorities © Cape May County

New Jersey prison authorities arrest 5 after uncovering a drug smuggling operation wherein Suboxone was mailed to prisoners - dissolved and painted onto the pages of children’s coloring books.

Alcohol at Work
Silicon Valley Retains Workers with Free Beer © Dottie Mae

To compensate for the long hours demanded by Silicon Valley start ups, many employers now offer free beer and wine on the job as a standard perk of employment.


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It’s Hip to Be Sober A mindful sober subculture is emerging, indicating that we’re seeking out deeper, more meaningful connections to others. Read Article
Society April 23, 2016
Oregon Man Indicted on Manslaughter Charges After Friend Dies from Heroin Overdose © Photo Credit: Sanberdoo
An Aloha Oregon man, who delayed getting his unresponsive housemate medical care so that authorities would not visit his drug filled house, has been indicted on manslaughter charges. Read Article
Society October 16, 2009
Must Have - Baby for Sale!?! Vancouver Police Rescue Infant Put up for Sale on Craigslist © Photo: Dawnzy58 (Just a random cute baby - not the baby in question!)
A Canadian grandmother was shocked when she saw an internet ad for a "Baby for Sale". She called the police and police found the baby. Read Article
Society May 28, 2008
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